December 11, 2018

The JCCO Community Garden is ready!!!

Hello JCCO Community!

We are pleased to announce that the JCCO has built a community garden at the south end of our property. Last year the soil was tilled and heavily amended with organic compost and is ready to plant.

We have 4′ X 8′ plots available for lease for the season to Shul members for $38.00 this includes fencing around the large garden area and irrigation.

A 4′ X 8′ plot is large enough to supply all of the salad and vegetables that 2 people will eat for the season if managed properly. The produce that you purchase in the grocery store has traveled an average of 1000 miles to get to you, let’s avoid that impact on our planet by growing our own healthy local and organic food!

Please call Ben at 541 350 9729 to reserve your plot and discuss any questions that you may have. Fee waivers maybe available to those in need. We will open our community garden to all residents of Central Oregon at the end of the month so please contact Ben for the best choice of plots soon.

Rachel Lemas

JCCO Board Member


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